Prof. Saeed Akhter, President Pakistan Kidney Institute & Chairman Board of Governors Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute invited to UN General Assembly side meeting on 22nd September 2023 to talk about Pakistan’s efforts to launch National Hepatitis C Elimination Program. As Egypt, the previously no. 1 country in the world is about to file its elimination status with WHO after a much organised concerted efforts. Pakistan is now no. 1 in the world by hepatitis C ratio. After 6 years of efforts and major struggle by Prof. Saeed Akhter & other number of professionals in Pakistan, PM Pakistan has launched the national Hepatitis C Elimination program in August 2023 with a budget of 70 Billion Rupees, equally shared by provinces and the Federation. Efforts are being made to create a strong unified national program with a very strong AI based IT system. The Target is elimination of Hep C from Pakistan by 2030, a very achievable target if we all come together and become part of this national mission.